Monday, September 15, 2008

What's in a Name?? - A lot it seems!

One trouble we're facing at is that people knowing about it from Word of Mouth end up getting the name slightly wrong!

People try out but then we're not and we're

Neither are we, it's some psycho-testing thing that's not been updated in a year and has a boring first page..

I at least hope if you've heard about us from somewhere, you'll not end up believing that we're with all its things.. really I couldn't have created something like !

If you heard then well, would redirect you to us only.

What else could you possibly hear? NO, we're not either! I don't even know what is.. I think it's a dead link.. or a parked page!

You guessed it right, I'm putting it on our blog.. so we might just some of the ppl searching for us with these names :)

Think I should be blogging more often for LiL. Just too busy lilling about everything!

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