Friday, December 26, 2008

Been a LiL too long...

It's been a while since we said something on this blog... But now we're back, to tell you that great things are happening at your favorite site! Since the launch of LiL in August, a whole lot of developments have taken place at LiL, so that celebrating the moments of your life, or watching your friends' lives unfold, moment by moment, have just got simpler and more convenient!

So now not only can you post from just about anywhere on the site, (not to mention the various other channels of posting), you can also customize your location and mood. A recent feature is the auto-text implementation of moods, location and custom tags; which ensure that you need not have to go about "adding" new stuff every time... Just type it in the box.. and voila! You have your brand new mood/location!

Need to keep all your friends updated on your life? Well, LiL it! But what if they are not users? Simple... LiL allows you to Link your LiL account to Facebook and Twitter, so that no matter what you are doing... your friends will always know what you are up to!

A system of 'Alerts and Notifications' allows you to keep better track of your friends on LiL... You can ask LiL to mail you the happiest and the saddest moments from the lives of people you care for, so even if you don't login to LiL on a day, you'll not lose out on these moments!

Since things at LiL never really stand still, keep watching this space for the latest and greatest at LiL!

And till then, LiL On!

That's a post by Estella, an avid liller and a new blogger for the LiL story!

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