Sunday, March 9, 2008

Of LiL Moments..

August 2007, I'd told Sagu and Gullu about the idea, and Sagu, for one was quite fascinated, though wanted to toss it across to a few people before he thought much of it.

I guess it was about the time when Sagu was to finally leave the campus after all of his dual degree and he would call up once in while to say that he really could do with a service like LiL because in the senti times of moving out of campus, there were so many things he would like to record.

One afternoon, when I was with Happy in Delhi again, discussing the prospects of LiL, Sagu calls up, and says, hey, I had an experience I want to record... and in our conversation, it felt we needed a name for all the moments in our life that we find worth recording. So with a chuckle, we fixed upon LiL Moments. Working well with the acronym side, and a cool variant of the li'l moments of poetic english.

Whenver something is worth photographing, it's a Kodak Moment, they said. Whenever life has a moment worth recording, it's a LiL Moment, we say.

And then of course, as a small time hobby photographer, I was told sometime the translation of beauty lying in the eyes of the beholder. If you want you can seek and capture beauty in the most unlikely of situations. Random streets being my personal favorite. So then, every other moment in life is a LiL moment, if you choose to look at it that way.

A life, is an interesting story worth recording. It's One Life, and a million LiL Moments.



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