Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Of Conceptualizing LiL

The First concept note as I'd created after the chat with Happy.. Think it was about mid of may 2007...

Life n the lines and between them!


Blogs have now become fairly popular as a medium for communicating one’s thoughts, opinions, feelings in his own way, without having to take the trouble of maintaining an entire website or the other complications involved.

With multiple free blog sites such as blogger, rediff iland, livejournal, wordpress and a host of others, the blog user base is constantly on the rise, and entire new breeds of writers have been born out of this blog revolution.

Typically, blogs are homes to narrations of routine lives in amusing ways. Or they could be opinions, reactions, thought provoking anecdotes, personal journals or anything else for that matter. However, not every person who wants to write a blog always has the time or the capacity to write long proses in one go and here’s where we want to introduce the concept of “life in lines”.. for people to journal-ize their lives in blogs, one line at a time.

The concept is fairly simple, and easy to copy but it might serve well to have the first mover advantage and the USP of the web based service lies in its simplicity.

What we provide, is a web blog, which is very simple in its interface, the next page shows what the page looks like.


Blog enthusiasts across ages and professions can write their journals as ‘life in lines’ in smaller chunks at different times of the day, rather than one long prose. It could serve as a live status message, updated as frequently as one wants.

At the end of the day, it’s a live journal, which doesn’t have the complicated part of dashboard, just like a scrapbook with a pin up button.

Add ons :

1. Templates – could be paper clip format, scraps with/without photos or alias

2. Mobile blogging, people to update this service from their mobile phones via sms, not GPRS. Can be handled : SMS Blog <> to 6767



Login : Password go

Smileys: <<>>

9:43 : office could be fun when boss isn’t around!

Respond <<>>

10:21: Some things in this world never cease to amuse me- bosses, women and women bosses!

10:55 Why wouldn’t they let me be.. the maniac that I am!

11: 35 Innovation is nothing but rearrangement of all the ideas you see around yourself!

15:47 Hmmph! Meetings are long, boring and pointless.

19:30 Finally! M getting out of here now!

The embellishments and elaborations have gone very far from the first job.. but the core philosophy has stayed the same.. This doc was the starting point, and what I'd passed to Shiv, to start thinking about it!


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