Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The First Month!

June 2007

Ideation on features, looking up the existing popular sites and looking for what we'd want more and different, trying to organize thoughts and create documents. A bunch of newbies, trying to put together the thousands of ideas hoping to integrate them together to create the best mashup of it's class.

June 10, we still thought we were unique with the concept and nothing close existed anywhere.

June 12, discovered twitter, written as the new rage amongst western youth, in the times of india - felt that primary concept was validated and our job was to indianize!

Funnily enough, so many of hte features on LiL today were thought as originals for quite some time till we discovered somebody somewhere had thought similarly. :) . Sometimes it was intimidating, at other times, funny, but everytime it was a great discovery.

There was email input system, there was privacy meter, there was the desktop client... added to the feature list one at a time as the file versions tossed between the three of us. We had a design SBU by now :)

Then the seriuos thought of registering a private limited company went on a high.. did a few rounds for a few days.. I tried to talk to some ppl about how to structure the relationship with three stakeholders.. we started thinking of names for the company.. Weblife Pvt. Ltd. and SMocking Ac3s came up as ideas.. ASH, HAS, SHA.... (for shiv, ankur and harpreet )

Left it behind, in the quest of coming out with a good release before we registered the company.. made sense then..

Blatantly lifted material from couple of existing sites to write the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

It was time to think of revenue models. To think of sharpened focus. To think of differentiating clearly from existing players!

A marketing plan was to come into picture! Crazy ideas flowed!

Happy being the senior one, brought some discipline into the group. In terms of mail subjects, to points/content, to documentation.. he was the structure master.. kinda important for a junglee like me to have around.

Me and Shiv were to now talk twice every week and all three of us would have a conference call every wednesday night.

So far So good..


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